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Wedding Traditions

Weddings are a union of not just the couple exchanging the wedding vows but also their families. These ceremonies are rooted in tradition and vary according to the culture and places. Across the world, there are different wedding traditions and ways of celebrating them. In essence, there is something special about each of these traditions which makes them unique and lovely in their own way!

With years of experience as wedding videographers, we can go on and on with several traditions that are our favorites. So let's learn more about some of these beautiful and interesting rituals:

Chinese Door Games -

Door games are played before the tea ceremony when the groom's family visits the bride's family. At each door, challenges are presented by the bridesmaids to

the groom, plus, there is a game connected to it. If the groom and groomsmen fail the challenge as presented by the bridesmaids, then they are required to present red envelopes to the bridesmaids. These are the envelopes with cash for letting them in and see the bride. Red envelopes with cash? What newlywed wouldn't appreciate that! Sounds interesting!

Black Weddings Broom Tradition -

It is called the broom tradition where the newlyweds walk backward down the aisle and a member from the bride's family places a broom in front of them. The couple holds each other's hands and jumps over them together. It represents their union! This is rooted in pagan traditions where the handle is the male energy and the bristle--the female.

Bermuda Wedding Cakes Tradition -

Did you know that in Bermuda, there is a unique tradition related to cakes? The cakes are displayed very beautifully in gold and silver icings. The reason for decorating these cakes in gold and silver is their belief that gold cake symbolizes wealth and prosperity and the silver cake represents wishes and blessings for a fruitful marriage. In addition, the cakes may

be topped with a Bermuda cedar sapling to symbolize the hope that the couple's love will grow along with the tree, which is planted in a secret location after the wedding.

Japanese San San Kudo Tradition -

This is a traditional ceremony in Japan, where the couple share sake–one of the Japanese rice wines. During this ceremony, three cups are stacked and carefully placed--one over the other. The couple is supposed to take three sips from each. Their parents follow them by taking 3 sips as well. This tradition signifies that a formal bond has been created between the bride and groom’s families.

Indian Henna Ceremony -

Indians follow a unique tradition the night before the wedding. In this case, the brides apply henna, also known as Mehndi, on their hands and feet. This event is attended by all the family members and friends. The application of henna is considered to bring beauty, joy, and happiness.

Germany's Sawing a Log in Half Wedding Tradition -

During one of the traditions in Germany, newlyweds saw a log in half together. Each one of them grabs one side of the handle and works till it breaks in half. The significance means that with this ritual, the couple has overcome their first obstacle together.

These are some of the beautiful age-old traditions followed in different countries representing their values, culture, and beliefs. We are sure that the preparation of your own wedding will include rituals that will be special to you and your family. Likewise, there are hundreds of traditions that are followed across the world, based on the couple’s own wedding ideas and their rich cultural heritage. Maybe this blog will inspire you to add to your own.

As videographers, we feel blessed to be part of weddings, as we are able to witness numerous traditions and ceremonies. We enjoy being in the moment with our clients and their loved ones who are rejoicing and blessing them as they embark on their new journey.

If you wish to learn more about weddings, videography, and get numerous tips–head over to our informative blog section. Want to book us for your special day? Let’s chat!

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