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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Videographer in Mississippi to Capture Your Big Day!

Selecting the right wedding videographer for you is crucial if you want a treasured keepsake that you and your family can adore for many years to come. As an experienced wedding videographer team in Mississippi, we know just how challenging our couples often find it to choose between the many incredible videography options we have available here. Being blessed with a multitude of talented videographers at your fingertips, can sometimes be more challenging than if there were no options at all! But picking the right one is mightily important if you want a piece of cinema that will be loved for generations to come. Because for us, ok, we may be biased, but we honestly believe that booking a good wedding videographer in Mississippi is the best investment you can make in your big day.

We understand that it is a tough decision, and that when planning a wedding you’re always going to be juggling between vendors and the validity of their various costs. But before you dismiss booking a wedding videographer in Mississippi, or even your dream photographer. Consider what you will have once the big day is over. The cake will have gotten eaten. The centerpieces will have been returned. And that dress was beautiful, but you probably won’t be wearing it again anytime soon! But what you will have, with wedding videography, is a unique treat that can be enjoyed long after the confetti has fallen. A memento full of sound and movement that will be loved for generations to come. But finding that dream wedding videographer in Mississippi alone, can be overwhelming. Therefore, we thought we’d share our expertise, and hopefully inspire your choice of videography services.

Discover Your Style & Find a Wedding Videographer to Match

Much like wedding photography, there are so many ways to shoot videography. And each wedding videographer in Mississippi will have a different style. However, there are four main styles to look out for, and to research, to see which one is right for you. They are cinematic, storytelling, traditional and documentary.

Your chosen wedding videographer in Mississippi may well blend one, two, or even three of the above styles to create their signature look. Therefore, it’s important to be able to distinguish between them before you enter into any discussions with a potential videographer. This will also allow you to dictate better, further down the line, the type of wedding video you would like.

Get Professional Recommendations

We are not suggesting that you shouldn’t seek recommendations from loved ones. Because sometimes a close friend or family member will share the same taste as you, and be able to offer you constructive wedding vendor advice. However, this isn’t always the case, and every so often a suggestion from a friend can lead you towards booking someone who isn’t quite right for you.

Wedding professionals are a close-knit bunch, and our network of vendors is vast and varied. Therefore, you would be wise to seek professional, unbiased wedding videographer recommendations from the vendors in you are already dealing with. Your photographer, for example, is a great resource to tap for advice, as they will have worked alongside countless videographers in the area. And will innately know the good, from the bad. Your venue, planner, and coordinator are all also good people to check in with.

Be Sure You Engage With Their Previous Work

If you’re welling up watching a stranger’s wedding video, then their videographer may just be your dream vendor! Because you’ll have found a talented individual who’s able to do more than just shoot video, they can tell a story.

In order for your story to be told, you will need to find a wedding videographer in Mississippi that’s willing to take the time to get to know you both, as a couple. While also really listening to how you would like your video to be presented. For us, this is key to our role in your wedding. And that is why our slogan is: Your content, our creativity. Because it’s only together, that we can tell your story.

Attempt to compare as many videographers as you can, and see which videos really stand out to you. Try to define why they stand out? How did one film make you cry when another didn’t?

Don’t Avoid Budgeting for a Wedding Videographer in Mississippi

It can be tempting to plump for the cheapest option when deciding between different videography services, but this is often a false economy. Paying less will rarely give you the result you’ve been dreaming of, and can actually end up being a waste of money. You would be far wiser to move your budget around, and remove, or alter some other booking that you feel wouldn’t be missed.

Don’t think of hiring a wedding videographer in Mississippi as a luxury. Consider it an investment. Plan with that mindset, and you’ll discover that your dream wedding video is a lot more attainable.

Make Sure to Meet in Person

Once you’ve found a wedding videographer in Mississippi that meets all of your requirements, be sure to meet them in person. Or at least over a video call. Your wedding videographer and photographer will be spending the entirety of your big day with you, every single step of the way. Therefore, you must like the person, or team, and feel comfortable around them.

We Would Love to Be Your Dream Wedding Videographer in Mississippi

It would be our honor to tell your story, and present to you a keepsake that you and your family will cherish forever. As a husband and wife wedding videographer team, we have captured the celebrations of so many couples in, and across the whole of the South. From Alabama to Georgia, Kentucky to Louisiana, and from Texas to Tennessee.

We will guarantee to capture all the funny and touching moments you might have missed, including the ceremony, speeches, and first dance, without getting in the way of your special day.

Please take a moment to browse our videography portfolio page of past real weddings, and if you like what you see, you’ll find a breakdown of our investment packages on our services page. You are welcome to get in touch with any questions via our email or website chat feature.

Randy and Gina

Your Personal Wedding Day Videographers

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